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Regular Kangen machine servicing is a No 1 priority to protect your invaluable investment ie your Kangen Water machine!
Many people who own a Kangen Water machine do not know that they need to do at least an E-Cleaning & a Deep Cleaning services on a regular basis to ensure that their machine is functioning at the tip top condition at all time, producing the delicious Powerful Anti-oxidation, Micro-clustered and Hydrogen-rich Ionised Alkaline water for the whole family!

What is the E-cleaning service about?

Why do we need to do it?

How often do we need to do it?

 Kangen Water is produced through electrolysis process. During this process, the naturally occurring minerals in the water will deposit on the surface of the ionising plates forming crystal-liked substance. Over time, the minerals build ups will cover the surface of the ionising plates and thereby reducing the effectiveness of the water being ionised.

In order to ensure that the properties of the Kangen water ( the Anti-oxidants, Alkalinity and Micro-clustering ) is always at the tip top condition, we need to regularly perform the E-cleaning service & the Deep Cleaning service.

 The manufacturer, Enagic, has recommended users to perform the E-cleaning on a monthly basis. For users whose water has higher naturally occurring minerals, they are advised to do it more regularly eg twice a month rather than once a week.

During the cleaning process, 10g of food grade critic acid power is used and the ionising chamber with the solutions is to be soaked for 3 hours or more.

After the time is up, the citric powder solutions will have to be flushed out for about 5-10mins with running water before replacing back the Kangen filter.

E-Cleaning service can easily be done by the users themselves.

Ionising plates filled with calcification, no proper maintanence
Ionising plates filled with calcification, no proper maintanence

What is the Deep-cleaning service about?

Why do we need to do it?

How often do we need to do it?

As the above explains, Deep-cleaning service is recommended to be performed every year or 1 ½ year once on top of the E-cleaning services.

During this process, 300g of food grade citric acid powder is used together with a pump to pump and recirculate the citric acid solution for approximately 45mins – 60mins. 

By using a pump and 300g of citric acid powder, we can ensure that minerals build ups on the surface of the ionising plates can be properly cleansed, hence, improving the ionising effect of the water. Thereby producing better quality Kangen Water.

For Deep-Cleaning service, this task is normally performed by qualified Kangen machine servicing team as there is specific equipment to be used and the correct duration for the whole process to be performed.

Thus, users are advised to engage a qualified servicing team to perform this task.


This is the Deep-Cleaning service performed by qualified Kangen machine servicing team applying a specific equipment during the entire process to ensure it is being performed correctly.

Before deep cleaning process : The bubbles produced in the glass are very little. It means the ionising effect of the plates are less effective.

After deep cleaning process :The bubbles are very much abundant after the deep cleaning service being performed.
The ionising effect of the plates are much more efficient now.

Therefore, if you are an existing Kangen Water machine user and has difficulty getting the supports and services from the person who sold you the machine, worries no more, we are here to assist!

We normally look at the actual situation of the machine and understand further from your feedback about your machine before we suggest the course of actions. 

At Kangen Water Johor, we are the ONLY Authorised Kangen Water Centre in Johor with the over 6 years of experience in sales, servicing and support for all the Kangen Water machine models. With our thorough experienced, we can easily diagnose the problems you are facing with your machine and provide a solution to you at a reasonable cost.

We provide both On-site support & service, and if you prefer, you can also bring your machine to our Kangen Water Johor centre at Austin Heights, JB for servicing as well. It’s your choice!

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